Magazine of the Socialist Party in Australia

Melbourne bands support socialist campaign

In late October the Workers Club in Fitzroy played host to a live music benefit gig in support of the Socialist Party’s state election campaign. Local acts The Primary, Hideous Towns, Ninetynine and Quang Dinh played on the night.

Socialist Party candidate for the seat of Richmond Stephen Jolly also spoke at the event. He talked about the social cost of profit driven planning in the area with high rents pushing young people out of the inner city. Stephen emphasised the need for rent control to combat this.

Stephen also said that the gentrification of the inner city damaged the live music scene and was forcing some venues to close. He said his concern was for the artists and workers in the industry who receive poverty wages while moguls like Gina Reinhart make millions of dollars a day. The Socialist Party campaign is putting forward an alternative to the status quo.

About $1000 was raised for the campaign and a number of people signed up to help on election day. Stephen thanked everyone who came along and showed support on the night. He especially thanked the bands who gave up their time and made it all possible.

By Corey Snoek