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Manufacturing workers fighting against factory closure

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After months and months of job losses in the automotive sector, manufacturing workers in the northern suburbs of Melbourne have finally had enough.

A manufacturing company based in Campbellfield, Kozma Industries, had told its workforce that due to the loss of some contracts to the major car companies, the firm had to be restructured.

Kozma has five plants in Melbourne, four in Bayswater and one in Campbellfield. The Campbellfield plant manufacturers the back seats of the popular Ford Territory.

Management had told the workers that none of the 60 strong workforce will be required when the plant closes in three months time.

The workers were not convinced that the Campbellfield plant should be part of the restructure as the work had been lost from the other plants and Campbellfield has been consistently running at a profit. The Ford Territory is also continuing to sell extremely well.

The workers, all members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), are demanding that the factory should stay open and not one job should be lost.

This dispute is some what significant as unlike other disputes of this character the workers are not just fighting for a better redundancy package, but for their jobs and against another factory closure.

A picket has been established outside the plant at 183 Northbourne Road Campbellfield and is running 24 hours a day.

A win in this dispute will give confidence to all workers facing job losses. Showing them that there is another option to just copping what the boss says. You can stand up and fight!

By Socialist Party reporters


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