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Madrid, London, Egypt – Could Australia be next?

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The Socialist Party condemns utterly the criminal and cowardly attacks on working class Londoners on July 7 and subsequently. All such acts of terrorism are reactionary, criminal and divisive.
By Gary Duffy, Socialist Party SydneySuch attacks however do not occur in a vacuum and the participation of the Blair government in the imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and its support for the Israeli state oppression of the Palestinian people have played their role in making the British people an obvious target for such attacks by Fundamentalists. Those who have created the conditions for the growth of terrorism also deserve unequivocal and unqualified condemnation. The obvious question is ; ?Is Australia Next??

John Howard like Blair has been a faithful deputy lap dog for Bush in the pursuit of US imperialist interests in the Middle East.

Al Qaida itself although coming from the Saudi elite is a product of the humiliation of the Arab people and the ruthless occupation by imperialism in the past of the lands of the Muslim people. More specifically it is the creature creation of the US. Bin Laden was armed and trained by the CIA to drive Russia out of Afghanistan. The thousands of mujahidin who were trained and recruited by the CIA became the basis of Al Qaida. Al Qaida is not progressive but a reactionary attempt to reinforce discrimination against women and wage war on all who are not ‘true believers’.

The only way to undermine Al Qaida is to eradicate the conditions which create and sustain it- poverty, national and ethnic oppression and most recently the occupation of Iraq. Socialist Party therefore demand the immediate withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The imperialist role of Australian troops is made clear by Australia’s actions in East Timor ? the shameless exploitation of East Timorese oil reserves.

John Howard told us that the war on Iraq would make the world a safer place (amongst other false reasons). He was wrong. The brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq which has resulted in the deaths of 100,000 everyday Iraq’s (as well as coalition troops) and has massively increased anger and hatred against western imperialism including Australia.

We do not need more repressive laws like ID cards or random searches on public transport to stop terrorist attacks. An ID card will do nothing to stop a terrorist attack. If by some chance a random search picked up a terrorist with a bomb what could they do to stop it from being exploded?

Does it mean that like in London police will shoot first and apologize later? The same applies to close circuit television cameras (CCTV). All these measures will do nothing to deter or stop terrorists but will most certainly be used by police to harass young people and Muslims. We also do not need the likes of the reactionary Murdoch press fanning racist hysteria by finding Muslim terrorists under every bed nor do we need the repression of the Muslim working class communities.

The Australian government should immediately withdraw all Australian troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The money saved can be used for public services like the pharmaceutical benefits scheme instead of cutting entitlements. This is not cutting and running as the bourgeois politicians of Liberal and Labor would have it, Australian (and other ) troops should never have been there in the first place. The only people who should determine the fate of the Afghan and Iraqi people is they themselves.

In Iraq itself workers and poor people should unite to establish democratically controlled multi ethnic defence forces to lead a mass struggle to end the occupation. They should also campaign for the formation of a workers and farmers government which could use the rich resources of Iraq for the benefit of the many and not for the multinationals and a privileged few.


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