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Law and order won’t fix Indigenous problems

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The Australian Labor Party has fully supported John Howard’s intervention into the Northern Territory (just as they have fully endorsed the government’s ban on African refugees). Desperate for votes, they have sold out any remaining principals they still have.

By SP reporters Melbourne

How can they think that the Defence Force and police officers can deal with the chronic health and education problems of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory? In Melbourne similar repressive ‘solutions’ are argued by some people for Smith St, Collingwood.

In Smith St, the Socialist Party and our candidate for the Federal seat of Melbourne, Kylie McGregor have been active in the fight for an indigenous-run bus and cultural centre for Koori people on the street.

The Socialist Party opposes repression and local laws as a cure-all solution to alcoholism and public behaviour issues. This is why the Socialist Party organised the recent rally of Koori people and their supporters on Smith St which called for the bus, cultural centre and dry-centre.

The Socialist Party has been almost alone in arguing for this progressive way forward for the problems facing Melbourne’s largest Koori presence on Smith Street. But the SP has gone beyond talk and organised an action campaign with Koori people to get the policy over the line.

SP calls on people to attend an important Coroberee being held in inner city Melbourne tonight. The details are Saturday November 17th at 7pm outside the Atherton Gardens housing estate on Gertrude Street Fitzroy. This is the first action that the local Koori community has called for some months so it needs full support.


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