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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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I grew up in a somewhat conservative family. Although my parents never openly discussed politics, when I was very young I always had some sense of where they stood on social and economic issues. I had problems with their choice to not discuss politics and I remember prodding them about their political views at every election as a child.

At some point I stopped asking. In my eyes their beliefs were at odds with mine. I became quite jaded and disinterested in politics at a young age. It was difficult to discuss politics in an environment where my thoughts and opinions were shut down.

I did not really take an interest in world issues again until I had moved away from my family and lived with a friend. I felt a lot more freedom to discuss how I perceived the world. Although I became interested in social issues I tended to not have an opinion on economic topics.

I was vocal about my stance on social equality. Although I felt comfortable discussing my opinion on these issues I wasn’t really involved in working towards achieving change.

I left my home town at the end of last year and moved to Melbourne. I was interested in learning how I could use my voice to fight for systematic change instead of just voting for the lesser-evil major party. I attended a rally where I ran into members of the Socialist Party and have since then been learning more about democratic socialism.

I joined the party because I found that the members would go beyond just discussing an idealised world. The party has played a key role in lots of successful struggles. The party actually – to use a capitalist phrase – puts its money where its mouth is!

Perhaps it would be more apt to say the party prioritises mobilising working class people so that they can achieve change for themselves. The members are actively committed to building a socialist world.

By Kai Perry


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