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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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If I were to summarise the decision as to why I joined the Socialist Party, I would answer the question simply by asking back, “why wouldn’t I?”

My reasons for standing up for the working class and protesting for change are numerous, particularly when we live in a world that tells us to be selfish and greedy, and which constantly works to condition people to see those who exploit us as people to be looked up to.

I used to be a member of the Greens. Originally, I saw them as the only left alternative to the major parties there was. I had never been told that there were other options. I care about the environment, and the Greens spoke to me on those issues. But when Richard Di Natale made statements suggesting that opposition to capitalism was “ridiculous”, I realised that he had not screwed in the Eco-lightbulb tight enough above his own head.

The role played by the capitalist media also concerns me. The attacks made on common people and the vilification of the poor is detestable. We are told to champion free speech but dare to question the system and you are ridiculed by a voice far bigger than your own. The rejection of the media conditioning people for profit is another reason I decided to join the Socialist Party.

There is no single reason that made me join. I am happy to be part of a truly progressive force. While we face an uphill battle changing society, I believe the cause will carry us to successfully overthrow the system we are trapped in.

Our biggest strength is that we do not have to lie to people about our beliefs, but the capitalists do. As more cracks begin to show in the capitalist system more and more people will draw similar conclusions to myself and also join the fight to change the world.

By Jason Ralphs


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