Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Why I joined the Socialist Party

My decision to become a socialist was made two years ago in Germany, where I grew up. I was opposed to the racism, sexism and patriotism promoted by PEGIDA, a right-wing populist organisation that campaigns against the supposed “Islamification” of Europe.

Shortly after this organisation was founded in Dresden, I came into contact with members of Die Linke, a left-wing party in Germany. It was there that I learnt about Marx and Engels, and their ideas. We debated about our goals and ways to achieve them. Following that I started to participate in protests against PEGIDA, as well as demonstrations against the TTIP trade agreement.

I travelled to Australia to study so was unable to continue my work with Die Linke. Once here however I wanted to continue to be part of the socialist movement so I joined the Socialist Party. I cannot accept capitalist society exploiting workers and the idea that some people are more entitled to food and housing than others – no matter which country I live in.

In order to create a society without economic inequality and exploitation we first need to build a party for working people. I think the Socialist Party is a great beginning for that revolution.

By Michael Thierfelder