Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Why I joined the Socialist Party

As a student and a worker, I am affected by the capitalist system. Not only am I exploited personally, but I have no choice but to be surrounded by a number of problems such as environmental destruction, racism, sexism, homophobia and economic inequality.

At the moment, the vast majority of the population believe that we have no power when it comes to politics – that working class people have to obey the state and continue to be unhappy with our situation.

The Socialist Party sees it differently. If the working class can cooperate with each other our society and economy can be changed into something more beneficial for everyone. Capitalism could be abolished and the working class could be empowered.

With the working class in power, the problems in our society could be addressed. The working class would be properly represented and no longer would a minority of bureaucrats that sit on their backsides screw us around.

I joined the Socialist Party because we cannot continue to witness increasing wealth inequality. I refuse to just be a bystander. Instead I want to be involved in creating positive change.

By Angie Field