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The Socialist Party held its regular Subversive Action day school in early October. Around 40 people attended the event, held in Melbourne.

Four sessions were held across the day on a range of political topics. The first session looked at the life and politics of Che Guevara. Kat Galea introduced the discussion, which marked 90 years since Che’s birth.

While Che was not perfect, he is rightly seen as a symbol of struggle and we can learn much from his experiences.

The second session, led by Jeremy Trott, looked at the housing crisis in Australia. Right across the world capitalism has failed to meet the basic need of providing people with a roof over their head.

Jeremy gave examples of successful struggles for improved housing around the world and outlined a socialist program for housing. More than enough wealth exists to ensure decent housing for all; the problem is not one of resources but one of politics.

At the third session, Triet Tran explained the profit driven capitalist system could be replaced. Capitalism itself came about through revolution after feudalism had outlived its usefulness.

Capitalism has now outlived its own usefulness and it can be replaced via a revolution led by working class people.

Lastly, the day school discussed the state of the trade union movement and the strategy necessary to really ‘change the rules’. Anthony Main explained that the protests organised by the unions are a great start but they need to go further.

At the same time, workers should have no trust in Labor, a party that are firmly influenced by big business.

Lots of discussion took place in all of the sessions with participants commenting on how accommodating the school was to people new to socialist ideas. The day concluded with a social event where more than $1000 was raised for the Renters Fightback campaign.

Subversive Action was once again very positive and educational. The next day school will take place in the early part of 2019.

By Socialist Party reporters


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