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Federal election: How should workers vote?

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The Socialist Party welcomes the Federal election in that it gives the working class an opportunity to vote out the most reactionary government since Federation. The Howard government has carried on the neo-liberal policies begin in the last years of the Whitlam government, the Fraser years, and the 13 years of Hawke-Keating – and added a vicious socially-reactionary twist.

We call on workers to vote for Socialist candidates. The Socialist Alliance, Progressive Labour Party, Communist Party of Australia and others do not offer a way forward for the working class but do partially challenge the neoliberal politics of the Howard government.
Should there be no socialist candidates standing workers should vote for the Greens Party. Although they are not based on the working class, we welcome their stand on the Iraq war, refugees and their industrial relations policy.
The Socialist Party is not standing in this Federal election; our entire party will be concentrating on making an electoral breakthrough for socialism in the Yarra City Council election in inner city Melbourne on November 27th.
In this municipality the Labor-Green leadership have been a disappointment to many locals and we believe SP policies and candidates offer a real alternative in this election.
The way forward for the workers movement in the aftermath of the October 9 poll is the creation of a new workers party based on trade unions, community organisations and social groups. We believe this call will increasingly be heard especially if a Latham Labor government is elected.
Above all Howard must be turfed out on October 9!


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