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Fightback! campaigns to defend public education

The new Fightback! campaign has turned its attention towards the need to defend public education. This became a necessity after the Victorian State Government cut $300 million from TAFE colleges and Latrobe University announced plans to dismantle the Arts & Humanities department.

The Fightback! campaign, launched by members of the Socialist Party earlier this year, has been working to spread the word about these attacks and encourage people to get involved to stop them in their tracks.

By David Elliott, Socialist Party

Fightback! has grown to more than 400 members in only a few months and in July the group elected an organising committee to direct and oversee the work. Each week Fightback! holds a number of campaign stalls in the CBD and on several university and TAFE campuses.

With the involvement of new members, Fightback! has the potential to grow into an organisation capable of winning real victories and reversing the trend towards increased costs of living.

The attacks on TAFEs and universities are connected to the drive towards the further deregulation and corporatisation of education. Fightback! stands opposed to this trend and in contrast sees education as a basic right that should not be treated as just another commodity.

Public education will be an area that Fightback! will focus on in the coming months. If young people are to have a decent future, we must build the campaign and deepen the resistance to these attacks.

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