Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

End the blockade rally in Perth

On Saturday June 5 the Perth branch of the Socialist Party held a very successful stall, campaigning for the end to the blockade of Gaza. Many people stopped to sign the petition including some Palestinians who were happy to see support from local people. We handed out hundreds of leaflets advertising the rally to be held the following day.

Sunday June 6 saw about 400 people gather at Wesley Church in the city centre. The Socialist Party stall was again inundated with people showing their support by signing our petition. Many papers were sold and leaflets given out. After the speeches the rally marched through the Hay Street Mall past many onlookers, to the American Embassy where the crowd spilled onto the road to the chant of “Free Palestine, End the Blockade”

SP members also participated in demonstrations in other cities across Australia.

By Socialist Party reporters Perth