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Egg Boy vs Fraser Anning

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A 17-year-old boy captured the hearts and minds of the nation last month when he broke an egg over the back of Senator Fraser Anning’s head. The act made Will Connolly an internet sensation and earned him the endearing nickname ‘Egg Boy’.

Anning started out as a One Nation member before defecting to Bob Katter’s party. He then sat as an independent for a while but has now launched his own fringe far-right outfit called the Conservative National Party.

He was in Victoria to speak to the misfits who have joined this party just days after he made racist comments about the Christchurch terror attack. Anning blamed the horrific shooting spree on “the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place”.

Yes, this guy is indeed a piece of work.

Connolly tried to knock some sense into Anning but he wasn’t having it. He responded by slapping the boy twice before a group of goons pounced, pinning him down while they called the cops.

Anning, who used to be famous for his Hitler-inspired “final solution” speech, has more recently made friends with some of Australia’s most deranged neo-Nazis. It seems that in between making racist YouTube videos and they now do Anning’s security.

After the police said they would investigate if Connolly had committed any crimes, a crowdfunding campaign to pay his legal fees was launched. It raised tens of thousands of dollars in the first week!

Connolly announced that he would give the bulk of the money to the Christchurch terror victims which led many to call for him to be nominated for Australian of the Year.

Connolly’s Instagram page garnered more than half a million new followers within days, while a petition calling for Anning to be removed from the parliament received more than a million signatures!

The immense support for Egg Boy’s small act of resistance highlights the possibilities that exist to build a mass anti-racist movement. While Anning will most likely be defeated at the next election, defeating the divisive ideas he represents is the bigger task at hand.

By Socialist Party reporters


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