Cooking books in the US and burning workers in Australia

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US car components manufacturer Delphi has a history of seeking to undermine workers wages and conditions. It is in financial trouble in the US and has been attempting to force its workers onto individual contracts at its Somerton plant in Melbourne.

The American arm of the company has recently filed for bankruptcy and is currently in negotiations with the United Auto Workers union. Its latest outrageous proposal has been to shut down several US plants and cut wages for its workers from about $27 an hour to as low as $10 an hour. The negotiations are continuing and the union has not ruled out strike action.

Workers at the Delphi plant in Somerton (Melbourne), supply parts to Ford, Holden and Toyota, and have recently been in dispute over the companies refusal to negotiate a collective agreement.

Management even went so far as to sack workers for refusing to sign individual contracts. The company had wanted to replace the maintenance workers, all members of the AMWU and ETU, with labour hire workers from Skilled Engineering.

We have just heard news from the Somerton picket line that a settlement has been reached. We will publish the results as soon as details are known.

By Socialist Party reporters