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Defend Wikileaks

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The persecution of Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange has provoked mass outrage and demonstrations around the world. Wikileaks has played a key role in exposing and confirming facts about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the corporate domination of politics and the secretive, anti-democratic nature of capitalist governments.

By Socialist Party reporters

Julian Assange is currently facing allegations of rape and sexual misconduct. His arrest in Britain and strict bail conditions have led many of his supporters to suggest that these allegations are linked to the role of his website.

We do not know the details of what happened between Assange and the two women concerned but any charges must be properly heard. At the same time Wikileaks and Assange should be defended from attacks aimed at silencing him and his website.

All attacks mounted against Wikileaks are motivated by the fear that ordinary people will find out the truth behind the way the capitalist system works.

Governments hide their true conduct and intentions because they do not act in the interests of the majority. Under capitalism governments serve the interests of big business. Wikileaks has gone some way to exposing this and the reactions of governments around the world have been fierce.

Multinational corporations such as Amazon, Visa and Mastercard have lined up with governments to help attack Wikileaks. This is further proof of the desire of powerful corporations to hide the truth about the way the system works. It is also further proof of the cosy relationship between big corporations and governments.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks need to be defended from any attempts to stop their work in exposing the nature of capitalism. Further attacks on Wikileaks should be met with widespread demonstrations and protests.

While Wikileaks is playing an important role, on its own it is not enough to change the system that it is exposing. In order to guarantee an open and democratic society it is necessary to break the dictatorship of big business and their political allies.

Only a planned system based on a public ownership and democratic control could bring an end to wars, corporate domination and anti-democratic governments.

The Socialist Party calls for:

– An end to the attacks on Wikileaks and Assange
– An end to big business and government collusion
– An end to the undemocratic capitalist system


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