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Day school discusses revolutionary ideas

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On Saturday April 1, the Socialist Party held a day school called ‘Revolutionary Ideas’ in Melbourne. Throughout the day, we discussed the ideas of Marxism, socialist feminism and how to combat the rise of the far-right.

We also looked at the 1917 Russian Revolution. This year marks the one-hundred-year anniversary of that event, an upheaval that is rich in lessons for the working class. The discussion was both insightful and informative with both members of the party and visitors interested to learn more about this part of revolutionary history.

The session on Marxism also provoked a good debate. The question was posed, how does an ideology first developed over 150 years ago apply to the here and now? This was a theme that was talked about during the entire day. Marxism gives us the tools to understand struggles taking place both in Australia and around the world.

With the rise of far-right politicians in many places, it is crucial that we resist both attacks on workers and the poor, as well as fight against the racist, sexist and dangerous views these politicians put out. We talked about why people can be drawn to these parties and how it’s necessary to build a genuine left alternative to cut across reactionary forces.

We also discussed socialist feminism, a theme that was drawn out by looking at the life and politics of the famous revolutionary artist Frida Kahlo. As socialists, we consider it important to highlight the specific oppression that women face and to link the struggle for gender equality to a fight for real liberation.

Overall, people were impressed by the day describing the sessions as both diverse and interesting. The people attending varied from long-time activists to people who were only beginning to investigate socialist ideas. It was an amazing day and in addition to other schools, Revolutionary Ideas will be held again in 2018!

By Kai Perry

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