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CWI: Who we are & what we fight for

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THE COMMITTEE for a Workers’ International (CWI) is an international socialist organisation fighting for the interests of working class people and youth across the globe. We believe that it is the nature of the system that we live under – capitalism – which is based on profits and exploitation that leads to poverty, war and environmental destruction.Capitalism is a world system. To be successful, the struggle against this iniquitous system requires ideas, a political programme and an organisation that is able to unite workers and oppressed people around the globe.

The CWI has affiliated parties and organisations in nearly 40 countries on all continents. These include the Socialist Party in Australia. Some of our larger and important sections are based in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, England and Wales, Pakistan, Ireland and South Africa.

In many of the poor countries of the world, workers are standing proud and fighting to change things. Our website carrys many inspiring examples of struggles that are taking place around the globe and the role that CWI members are playing in these.
Wherever we have members, we play an active part in the struggles of workers and youth.

To find out more go to our website: – click on the CWI link on the left hand side of this page.


The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare many of the problems with capitalism. The Socialist strives to explain the systemic causes of this crisis, and reports about the issues that are important to working people. We also help to organise struggles against the powers that be.

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