Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Craig Johnston expelled from the AMWU

The ALP dominated national leadership of the AMWU has stepped up its attacks on militants in the Victorian branch by expelling former State Secretary Craig Johnston. The National Council (a highly factionalised body) set up Kangaroo Court on the 21st of July where Johnston faced 10 highly dubious charges.

Many of the charges were actually decisions that were made by the entire State Council of the branch and Johnston had been merely directed by this body. Some of the other charges had been already dealt with by the courts and in the case of the one extremely serious charge of alleged rape the police had found there was no basis of evidence for a charge to be laid. Yet the National Council ignored all of these facts and voted along factional lines to expel Craig.

Unfortunately this is just another example of where fat cat ALP union bosses are more afraid of a militant rank and file developing than they are of taking on the bosses themselves.

By Anthony Main