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Community overturns unfair dismissal

A community assembly successfully won a workers job back in Melbourne today.

Maggi Li who worked for the PhoneTec repair centre in Nunawading for 6 years was originally sacked unfairly last night. Maggi was given no reason for her dismissal but it is thought she was sacked because she resisted a proposed pay cut. Only a few days before Christmas she didn’t even have time to say goodbye to her fellow workers.

The community assembly got underway a 9am and ran until about 2pm when management agreed to reinstate Maggi. ACTU president Sharon Burrows addressed the assembly and together with a CEPU official entered into discussion with Garry Chan the manager of PhoneTec.

After some gentle persuasion Garry Chan agreed to reinstate Maggi and the union agreed to work constructively with the PhoneTec to resolve issues around training. Workers at the company said the attitude of the boss was remarkably different to previous times where he had boosted that Howard’s new IR laws gave him the power to sack any worker when ever he wanted to.

By Socialist Party reporters