Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Come to Revolutionary Ideas!

On Saturday April 1, the Socialist Party will host a school in Melbourne. It will be a day of anti-capitalist and socialist debate called Revolutionary Ideas.

The event will kick off with the session ‘Marxism: Ideas to change the world.’ Lots of people agree that capitalism doesn’t work for the 99%. Social change is desperately needed, but what ideas and methods are the most effective? This session will give a basic overview of the key tenets of Marxism and explain how they are relevant for struggle today.

Then the school will also feature a session on the politics that influenced the art of Frida Kahlo. Alongside from being a famous artist, Frida is seen as a feminist icon. What many don’t realise is that she was also a long time socialist activist.

The third session of the day will look at stopping the rise of the populist right. We will look at the conditions that have paved the way for the right and reasons for the lack of a left-wing alternative in many countries. We will discuss how to push back against the right’s agenda and how to build a real alternative for the 99%.

The last session for the day will be on the 100-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. We will look at the conditions that led to the revolution and the way in which the Bolsheviks utilised the power of the working class to replace capitalism with socialism. These lessons are of crucial importance to those seeking to change the world today.

The day will conclude with a fundraiser where food and drinks will be available by donation.

Revolutionary Ideas will be held at Trades Hall (54 Victoria Street, Carlton South). All sessions will take place on Level 4 of the back building with a gold coin requested for entry to each session to help cover costs. For more information see our Facebook event or text: 0432 447 036.

By Amy Neve