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Close the Manus & Nauru hellholes!

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Both the Liberals and Labor are complicit and responsible for the ongoing abuse and violence perpetrated against asylum seekers at the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres.

These hellholes are designed to remove all hope and drive detainees to such despair that incidents of self-harm occur once every two days. Suicides and attempted suicides are escalating. As one inmate said, “The worst thing… is waiting. Nothing ever happens here”.

Omid Masoumali, who out of despair set himself on fire and subsequently died, had been granted recognition as a refugee yet he had been stuck on Nauru for three years. As it stands asylum seekers now make up 10% of the Nauru population.

Broad Spectrum, the private company running the detention centres, admits to receiving reports of sexual abuse and violence perpetrated by its staff. Its only response to allegations of human rights abuses is to express concern about the adverse effects this has on investors!

These concentration camps should be closed immediately, especially in light of the court ruling declaring Manus to be illegal. Their existence is directly linked to an attempt by the ruling class to divide and rule ordinary people. They must be opposed.

By Mike Naismith