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Change this Rotten System!

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Back page article from September issue of The Socialist.
Today both in Australia and around the world the bosses’ profits are rising whilst the living conditions and wages of ordinary people are being attacked. We live in a system where 500 multinational companies control 70% of the world?s production. The richest 356 people enjoy a combined wealth that is greater than the annual income of 40% of the human population.These shocking figures mean that every single day 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty. At the same time more than $1 trillion a year is being spent on arms.

The ‘powers at be’ seem quite happy to put corporate profits before human need. In reality profit is the unpaid labour of the working class. The record profits being made at the moment are primarily a result of bosses and governments around the globe driving down the living conditions of working people. Howard’s latest plans to change the industrial relations system is a further step in the direction of shifting even more wealth from working people back into the hands of greedy bosses.

It is however heartening to note that while an assault is being waged on the poor and the working people of the world, there is also a fight back beginning to take place.

Even in Australia where we have had low levels of struggle taking place in recent years, we have had a situation in the last few months were workers have come out in their hundreds of thousands to say no to Howard’s changes to the industrial relations system.

This massive show of strength displayed by the union movement shows the potential power of the working class. If they were mobilized correctly and armed with a clear socialist program they would be in a position to change society for the benefit of all.

Unfortunately at this stage, the mass of the working class is not armed with a socialist program. But it will be the horrors of capitalism that lead a new generation of workers and young people to draw the conclusions that capitalism doesn’t work. A move in a socialist direction will be the logical next step.

When a fighting socialist program is adopted by mass of the working class, mass parties will be created to fight for such a program. This would mean workers could win more of the day-to-day struggles to defend their wages and conditions, and it would also open up the real possibility of overthrowing capitalism.

The Socialist Party participates in struggles against corporate greed and for workers’ rights. At the same time we argue within the movement that only socialism will create a society free from poverty, environmental destruction, and war. What the greedy bosses really fear is the working class becoming conscious of its own power, organizing itself into mass parties and changing this rotten system.


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