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Building a political alternative requires funds!

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A recent poll showed that 54% of people agree with the statement: “the current Australian political system is a broken system and isn’t working”.

It’s no wonder: we’ve just watched an unprecedented boom pass us by. Jobseekers continually outnumber vacant jobs. Working people face worsening rent and mortgage costs and higher prices for food and transport, all while wages have stagnated.

While big business gets tax breaks on their enormous profits, those tax breaks are funded by cuts to healthcare, education, welfare and more. People are suffering, and none of the parties in parliament have any solutions, because they all support capitalism.

The Socialist Party fights to replace capitalism with democratic socialism – so that the enormous wealth in society is used for the benefit of all.

While our forces are small, our members have led the successful campaigns including against the East-West toll road in Melbourne. We have organised protests of thousands against racism, and exposed dodgy employers. In the coming years, as people increasingly fight back against this system, our ideas will be essential to taking the struggle forward.

The rich have dozens of political parties and billions of dollars at their disposal to push working people back. But collectively, workers have far greater strength. Unlike other parties, we never accept donations from corporations. We depend solely on support from ordinary people.

We use the money raised to produce our magazine and run campaigns for the betterment of workers, young people and the poor. We face rent, administration and publishing costs like any organisation, and we don’t spend donations on exorbitant NGO-style salaries!

If you support our work, you should consider donating to our fighting fund, or subscribing to our magazine The Socialist. All donations, big or small, once-off or regular, are greatly appreciated.

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By Socialist Party members


The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare many of the problems with capitalism. The Socialist strives to explain the systemic causes of this crisis, and reports about the issues that are important to working people. We also help to organise struggles against the powers that be.

We don’t receive a cent from big business or governments. Our work is fully funded by our supporters. Even if half the people who read our website every month donated a few dollars each we would raise thousands to help our work!

We need organisations of struggle now more than ever, so if you support what we do please consider making a donation.

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