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Black GST establish camp in Kings Domain

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The Stolenwealth Games Convergence in support of the Black GST established camp on Sunday in Kings Domain, Melbourne. Approximately 400 people gathered in ceremony as the Sacred Fire from the Tent Embassy in Canberra was placed on the land of the Bunerong people.The Sacred Fire has been established in Melbourne after a journey through Yorta Yorta lands including a ceremony in the Bharma Forest with members of the Wiradjeri, Wamba Wamba, Barapa Barapa, Gunnai/Kurnai and Yorta Yorta Nations to bring the fire across the Dhungala (Murray) River. A statement was signed by all represented Nations in support of ending genocide of peoples, lands and waters and demanding a treaty negotiation process to be entered into with the Crown.

Indigenous people and Supporters attended and supported the establishment of the fire and participated in a ceremony of respect for the fire. Thanks were offered to the Bunerong people, the owners of the land, for permission to camp there. Wood donated by the Yorta Yorta and Barapabarapa peoples was also added to the fire.

Despite Sunday being a day of total fire ban members of the United Firefighters Union urged the police to let the ceremony go ahead. The police at this stage have decided to take a softly softly approach to the camp and in fact two officers participated in the fire ceremony, to the cheers of the crowd.

The camp has a strict no alcohol and drugs policy and several rules are in place at the site. These include having respect for the sacred fire and keeping the site peaceful at all times.

SP members have been helping to organise infrastructure for the camp including union caravans and have donated the SP marquee for use at the campsite.

The campsite will be in place until the 26th of March. The Socialist Party urges all members and supporters to visit the camp to show solidarity with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in struggle.


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