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Australian police buy “sound weapons”

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Australian police now own sound weapons capable of causing extreme pain, migraines, loss of balance and permanent ear damage.

Police in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and the Federal Police have purchased the technology known as ‘Long Range Acoustic Devices’ or LRAD. New South Wales and Northern Territory police have so far refused to comment about whether they too have the technology.

The devices were first deployed by the US military and mercenaries fighting pirates and terrorists. Police in the US are now using the weapons widely against protest movements. Both Occupy and Black Lives Matter demonstrators have been subjected to the use of LRADs by police.

The first documented use of an LRAD against American protesters occurred at the 2009 anti-G20 demonstration in Pittsburgh. At this protest an English professor, Karen Piper, suffered permanent hearing damage.

Australian police are refusing to release LRAD usage guidelines. These dangerous new weapons must be scrapped before police use them against protest movements and permanently injure demonstrators in Australia.

By Kirk Leonard