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Anthony Main – Socialist Party candidate for Melbourne

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Prior to 2010 the division of Melbourne was held by Labor for more than 100 years. After decades of betraying their supporters they were replaced by the Greens at the last election. Many had hoped that Adam Bandt would better represent their interests.

Unfortunately soon after being elected the Greens made a pact with Labor and propped up the Gillard-led government for most of the last term. Disappointingly Adam Bandt voted for most of Labor’s unpopular legislation including the carbon tax package which handed over millions in corporate subsidies to big polluters and the bungled mining tax which only brought in a measly $126 million in its first six months.

Adam also voted for all of Labor’s budgets which included cuts to education funding, public services and money for the maintenance of Labor’s cruel refugee regime. Far from offering any sort of progressive alternative the Greens have acted in much the same way as their Labor predecessors.

The Socialist Party is standing in Melbourne to offer people a genuine progressive alternative. The truth is that Labor, the Liberals and the Greens wholeheartedly support the same market system and subsequently they are all forced to bend to the pressures of big business.

The Socialist Party is fighting for a totally different system. We stand for a socialist system based on the public ownership of big industry, democratic control and sustainable planning. All of these things are at odds with the market system that puts profits before all else.

Our election campaign puts jobs, homes and services front and centre. It is linked to our day-to-day work fighting on the ground around these issues. At the same time we link these fights to the need to build a movement that can replace the profit-driven system with a new system that puts people’s needs and the environment first.

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The Socialist Party is fighting for:


The guaranteed right to a job or training with decent wages.
We need radical action to stop job losses and create employment.
Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour plus penalty rates and loadings.
Wipe out casualisation and job insecurity.
For a massive public works program to create jobs and provide the services that society needs.
Bring companies threatening closure (like Ford) into public ownership and under democratic control. Retool the plants to build more public transport and renewable energy technology.


Provide all those who can’t work with a proper living wage.
Immediately increase all welfare payments by $100 a week to address cost of living pressures.
Stop all welfare cuts – Support not demonisation for single parents.
End welfare quarantining and repeal the welfare stealing ‘Public Housing Tenants’ Support Bill’.


Affordable housing for all as a basic right.
Expand and improve public housing to wipe out the waiting lists and create construction jobs and apprenticeships.
Legislation to cap private rents at 20% of income and ensure that landlords provide quality, safe accommodation.
No to the privatisation of public housing. Defend and extend public housing parks, playgrounds and services.
Put an end to gambling on the housing market. End all forms of property speculation.


Free universal healthcare for all – including dental.
For real investment into disability care services – not a voucher scheme.
Maintain and extend maternal, child health and community health centres.
Implement a harm minimisation strategy for legal and illegal drug use.
Immediately increase the number of mental health places and services.


Free education for all from childcare to university.
Scrap the $2.8 billion of cuts to university. Increase funding to TAFE.
End public subsidies to private schools – Invest in public schools.
Reduce class sizes. Write off all HECS-HELP debts.
Full independence and funding for student unions.


Massively expand public transport. For a free, frequent and integrated system that connects to every Melbourne suburb.
‘NO’ to the East-West tunnel – We need more trains not toll roads.
Build a rail line down the Eastern Freeway to help ease traffic congestion and reduce inner-city pollution.
Put public transport back into public hands and under community control.


Put an end to big business wrecking our planet for profit
Immediately scrap the carbon tax. No to an ineffectual emissions trading scheme.
End all government subsidies to big polluters.
Public ownership and community control of the mining, energy and timber industries.
For massive public investment into renewables to replace fossil fuels.
Implement a sustainable plan of production to transition to a zero emissions economy by 2020 and protect jobs.
No to uranium mining and nuclear power. End all fracking.

Rights and equality

An end to discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and identity, disability, age and all other forms of prejudice.
Same-sex marriage and adoption rights.
For the right to seek asylum. End mandatory detention of refugees. Close down the detention centres. Let refugees settle in the community while their claims are assessed.
End the racist scapegoating. For the right to work with full protection for all migrant workers.

An alternative to the market system

Our program can be paid for by increasing taxes on big corporations and millionaires. Billions of dollars more could be utilised if the big companies that dominate the economy such as the banks, casinos and mining companies were brought into public ownership to be run for the public good, not private profit.

We want to put an end to the rule of big business by replacing the market system with a democratic socialist system based on public ownership, community control and a sustainable plan of production. This is the best way to provide for the needs of all and protect our environment.

Our candidate: Anthony Main

The Socialist Party candidate for the federal division of Melbourne is Anthony Main – a former City of Yarra Councillor and Secretary of the UNITE union.

Anthony has a proven track record as a community campaigner. As a former Councillor, union official and long standing local activist he has been involved in dozens of campaigns in the area. From improving the wages and conditions of low paid retail workers to saving parks and fighting against big developer greed, Anthony is often found on the front line.

If elected he will not only be a voice for ordinary people in the parliament but to also use the position to help build the movements and campaigns he is already involved in.

If elected Anthony has pledged to only take the wage of a skilled worker. He will donate the rest back to social movements, campaigns and other worthy causes. This is in stark contrast to all of the other candidates.

Both inside and outside the parliament Anthony will fight for a society that prioritises people’s needs, not corporate profits. Part of the process of changing society for the better is building a political alternative to all of the parties that support the profit-driven market system.

The election of a Socialist Party MP would be a positive step towards this goal and towards the building of a new party that genuinely represents the interests of ordinary people and the environment.

It is clear that the current system does not work for the majority of people. Labor, the Liberals and the Greens all prop up this system. Subsequently they are all intent on making ordinary pay the price for the system’s economic woes. Residents need a MP who is prepared to stand with them not someone who is content being a part of this unjust process.

Anthony Main has pledged to stand on the side of ordinary people and to fight for jobs, homes and services for all. We urge all Melbourne residents to support him and join us in the fight for a better system.

By Socialist Party reporters


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