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Album Review: Enter Shikari ‘Common Dreads’

Post-hardcore band Enter Shikari’s latest album is fuelled with discontent about the current political situation in Britain and around the world. “Common Dreads” demands that all ordinary people unite against the system, and correctly states that we will never win divided.

“Common Dreads” is only the band’s second album but it contains not only musical maturity but switched on political analysis.

The album opens with an inspiring track in which many voices of the world speak out against injustice and demand the people stand united. An eerie voice tells us “We are clinging to manufactured crippling constraints”.

‘Juggarnauts’ questions the importance of consumerism within our society at the expense of a sense of community.

‘Gap in the Fence’ argues that consumerism and advertising is an anaesthetic “to drowse the fact that funding in ‘security’ is not matched by spreading equality”. ‘The Jester’ is a comment on the lies the ruling class are spewing at us.

The album closes with a track titled ‘Fanfare for the Conscious Man’. This song explores the amount of wealth pumped into war and destruction. In this song, front man Roughton “Rou” Reynolds questions why it seems “it’s natural for us to break instead of build”.

Enter Shikari have put many important questions into the heads of their fans. It is important to realise that these problems addressed by the band, such as war and consumerism, are products of the way our society is run.

The system of capitalism means our world is run on the basis of profit rather than need. The Socialist Party rejects capitalism and campaigns for a democratic society run by workers.

Enter Shikari have done a great job in making us think about the problems within society. Now what we have to do is change it.

By SP reporters