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Alan Joyce vs the ‘average’ worker

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While I was counting my coins last month, I was interrupted by the news that Qantas boss Alan Joyce had topped the list of Australia’s highest-paid CEOs.

Joyce now takes home a cool $23.9 million a year, which is more than 275 times the full-time average wage!

The first thing I thought was “wouldn’t that be nice” – the full-time average wage I mean.

They reckon the average Australian worker earns something close to $85,000 a year. But most of my mates make about half that.

I looked it up and it turns out that the $85,000 figure is fairly skewed.

Firstly, only about two thirds of people who actually work get full-time hours. About a third of all workers are part time or casual, and most want more hours.

They say that a better way to work out what the ‘average’ worker makes is to look at the median tax-filer’s income. This is about $44,527.

If my maths is right this means that Joyce actually makes about 536 times more than the ‘average’ Australian worker, or 1653 times more than the average person on Newstart.

That’s a lot of money considering his main job is to get rid of other people’s jobs, and to keep the pay of Qantas workers down.

Back in 2008 Joyce got rid of more than 3000 Qantas workers. In 2011 he sacked another 1000, just before he locked out the whole workforce during a pay dispute.

Joyce was praised by every greedy boss at the time but polls showed that 73% of people thought he was overpaid. Surely that figure would be even higher today.

No one should be paid that much, let alone to be a moneygrubber. I suppose the only upside is that he helps expose how rigged the system is.

What was it that Marx said about capitalism creating its own gravediggers?

Anyway, back to counting my coins and fighting for a world where the likes of Alan Joyce will be washing the dishes of the people he’s screwed over.

By a Socialist Action reporter


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