Magazine of the Socialist Party in Australia

Advancing LGBTIQ rights

In the wake of fresh attacks on LGBTIQ people the Socialist Party held a successful public meeting in Melbourne last month. The theme was ‘From Safe Schools to a Safe World: Socialism and the fight for LGBTIQ Liberation’. Ben Convey led a discussion on how to build the fight back against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

Recent rallies to defend Safe Schools finally gave a mass expression to the need for the LGBTIQ movement to fight for more. After years of focusing narrowly on marriage equality, this was an important step forward. But to build a lasting campaign requires organisation.

Discussion centred on the Victorian Labor government’s modest pro-LGBTIQ spending measures. With more difficult economic times ahead, Labor – a party with a record of shifting the burden onto ordinary people – cannot be trusted to advance LGBTIQ interests.

LGBTIQ activists would be better served by uniting with other people who are also under attack, relying on strength in unity to forge a new political movement. For a society free of oppression and systematic discrimination, Ben urged people to fight for the wealth that exists to be used to advance everyone’s interests, not hoarded by a tiny minority.

By Socialist Party reporters