Abbott’s kangaroo court

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The Royal Commission into trade union corruption commenced hearings in mid-April. The government claims the Commission has been set up to weed out corruption but it is clearly a witch hunt designed to undermine the effectiveness of trade unions.

By Socialist Party reporters

The true motivations of the Commission have been expressed by former Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett who has said if he was Premier today he would find ways to deregister the CFMEU. Deregistration would severely undermine the ability of construction workers to be properly represented.

If the government was serious about investigating corruption they would call a Royal Commission into corporate crime. While a handful of rogue union officials are being targeted, business figures who have been shown to be corrupt are consistently ignored.

Union lawyers say that information is being deliberately leaked to the public from the Commission as part of a concerted attempt to discredit union officials prior to them giving opposing evidence. The undemocratic nature of this kangaroo court only highlights how politically biased it is.

The Socialist Party stands opposed to all forms of corruption in the union movement but it is up to union members themselves to weed out officials that are not representing their interests.