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A debate amongst socialists

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Next Wednesday, March 26, a debate will be held in Melbourne on “strategies for building revolutionary organisations”. The debate will be between Anthony Main from the Socialist Party and Mick Armstrong from Socialist Alternative.

As socialists we all want to change the world for the better. We understand that revolutions have happened and will continue to happen throughout history. The question is how we will ensure that a revolutionary movement will lead to the transformation of society and the implementation of a socialist plan of production where the needs of the majority can be met.

This debate has been going on amongst socialists for decades but this recent exchange was brought about by the release of a new book written by Mick Armstrong called From Little Things Big Things Grow. In this book Armstrong outlines the nature and tasks of revolutionary groups as he sees them and explains why Socialist Alternative has its orientation towards students in this period.

Many political serious political differences exist between Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Party including our analysis of the class character of the former Stalinist regimes. But there are also differences in our areas of work, our approach and the way that we explain ideas. Many of these differences will be touched on during the course of the debate.

The Socialist Party invites anyone interested in revolutionary politics to attend this meeting. Our aim is that the meeting will lead to the further clarification of ideas on these important questions. Whether you are new to politics and are looking to find out where the differences lie between some of the groups or you want to contribute to this important debate this meeting should not be missed.

The details for the meeting are: 7pm Wednesday March 26 in the New Council Chambers of Trades Hall on the corner of Lygon and Victoria Streets in Carlton South.

By Socialist Party reporters


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