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5000 strong ‘Save Our Rail’ rally in Newcastle

Around 5000 people attended a rally in Newcastle on Sunday December 14 calling for the Liberal state government to halt their plans to truncate the railway line at Wickham.

By Socialist Party reporters Newcastle

Despite newspaper polls consistently showing a majority of people opposed to ripping up the railway lines, NSW Premier Mike Baird continues to insist that the work to tear up the lines will commence on Boxing Day.

A Newcastle planning inquiry report into the decision to was due to be released in January, but given Baird’s determination to press ahead before then, the committee made a special effort to get it done early.

Fred Nile who chaired the inquiry is now pushing for the report to be released by the Parliament. He has recently come out on ABC radio stating that the report condemns the government’s decision to tear up the rail line.

Legal action is currently underway to try and stop the government’s plans but should this fail, opponents have promised direct action to stop what locals consider vandalism that is being carried out in favour of developers and against the wishes of the community.

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