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2018: A year of anniversaries

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In 2017 we commemorated the 100-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The Socialist Party held a series of events where we both celebrated the achievements of the revolution, but also learnt the lessons that can be applied in struggles today.

2018 will another huge year of anniversaries. Perhaps only second to the importance of the Russian Revolution is the German Revolution. 2018 marks the 100-year anniversary of the beginning of that revolution, which ebbed and flowed for around 5 years.

This year also marks a couple of key anniversaries in relation to the great socialist thinker Karl Marx. 2018 would have been Marx’s 200th birthday, and it is 170 years since the first publication of the Communist Manifesto.

2018 is also 50 years since the revolutionary year of 1968, which included events such as the Prague Spring, the May general strike in France, the murder of Martin Luther King, and the beginnings of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. All of this took place against the backdrop of the Vietnam War – which itself was the subject of mass protests worldwide.

Throughout the year the Socialist Party will look at all of these events at different meetings, study groups and day schools.

We anticipate that the worldwide crisis that capitalism faces will produce new revolutions. We plan to participate in these movements, along with our sister organisations around the world. Our goal must be to help them win gains, while ultimately fighting for these revolutions to be carried through to their conclusion – the overthrow of capitalism and the ushering in of a society that works for the 99%.

Stay tuned to and to our Facebook page for information about upcoming meetings and events.

By Socialist Party reporters


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