150 editions of The Socialist!

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The June 2019 issue of The Socialist marks 150 editions of the publication. First appearing in March 2003, The Socialist was originally printed as a newspaper before being revamped into a magazine in May 2012.

Produced and edited by the Socialist Party, The Socialist is the public face of the organisation. The articles in the magazine outline the key ideas of the Socialist Party; our views on current events, our policies, our perspectives and our program for advancing the cause of socialism.

We regularly carry stories about industrial disputes and community campaigns, as well as about all the different ways working class people struggle for a better life.

But unlike the capitalist publications we unashamedly report from the standpoint of ordinary people. We are not beholden to any corporate interests. The Socialist is 100% funded by our readers.

This often makes it difficult for us to make ends meet but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We want to ensure we maintain our financial and political independence from those who defend the capitalist system.

The Socialist sees capitalism as the root cause of problems like climate change, economic crisis and war. The magazine stands for a new way of running society based on public ownership, democratic control and sustainable planning – democratic socialism.

The Socialist regularly publishes material about theory and history, but in addition to playing an educational role, the magazine is an organiser of the Socialist Party’s work. It is a guide to action for our supporters, and a tool we use to try and win people to a strategy that can take working class struggle forward.

Maintaining a regular independent socialist publication is no small feat. We would like to thank all the volunteers, and all the readers, who have made this possible. If you would like to help us celebrate the 150 issue milestone please consider taking out a subscription to The Socialist and joining us in the fight for a socialist world!

By Socialist Party reporters