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Anti-union bill fails to pass

The Morrison federal government was shocked and humiliated when their union-busting ‘Ensuring Integrity’ bill was defeated in late November. The bill would have made …


Woolworths steal $300 million

Woolworths has admitted underpaying nearly 6000 supermarket staff at least $300 million over 10 years in the latest high-profile wage theft scandal. The Socialist …


Adani can still be stopped

Construction began on the controversial Adani coal mine in June after the project received its final environmental approval. Other environmental approvals are still required …


2019: A turning point

2019 marks a definite political turning point globally. Particularly in the last months, we have seen mass struggles and general strikes around the world …


Westpac CEO forced out

Brian Hartzer has been forced to step down as the CEO of the banking giant Westpac after AUSTRAC revealed the bank had breached anti-money …